About us

The widespread adoption of technology and the Internet are dramatically changing every aspect of people's lives including how they shop for new homes. Research shows that over 85% of all consumers will use or plan to use the Internet to shop for a home in the next two years. For homebuilders, it opens up an entirely new way to present and promote their homes. For prospective homebuyers, it offers unprecedented access to information and options at their fingertips.

Funded and endorsed by a consortium of the top US homebuilders, NewHomeSource is the first national home marketplace focused specifically on the new home market. A newly constructed home offers consumers a wide selection of styles, locations, options and features that aren't available in existing homes. NewHomeSource provides prospective homebuyers with the most comprehensive information and selection of new homes available on the Web.

NewHomeSource is a product of Builder Homesite, Inc. and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company was formed by a consortium of the nation's premier homebuilders to improve and enhance the home ownership experience. To learn more about Builder Homesite or the consortium, please visit www.builderhomesite.com.

Builder Online Marketing Programs

According to a 2009 NAR survey of new home consumers, 90% of new home shoppers will use the Internet as a home search resource. Join the growing new home online marketplace with NewHomeSource, the new home search engine built by builders for builders. Whether you're a large builder in several states or a custom builder serving one market, NewHomeSource has a marketing solution to fit your size and budget. Learn more about builder online marketing programs.